About Us

Sensoria Life Courses is a learning platform that has been created to share Sensoria's digital experience. We base our online courses on three main pillars: Nature, Wellness and Sustainability.

We strive to promote Sensoria Life Courses as a lifestyle, #sensorialife. With the best experts in the field, we have created unique courses that will captivate our clients. While learning, you will be virtually immersed in nature thanks to the extraordinary scenography, sounds, and surroundings. Our goal is to offer not just a course but a unique learning experience. Because sharing is very important to us, we are committed to aiding our local community.

With the help of all our clients, 10% of our sales will be donated to the local development association. We invite you to be part of this amazing journey!

Our Story

Sensoria Land of Senses and Magical Rainforest is a 100 hectare tropical rainforest reserve located in the northern region of Costa Rica, right on the slope of the "Rincón de la Vieja" volcano. We are a sustainable tourism operation that offers our clients a “one day tour” immersion into a pristine rainforest enhanced with waterfalls and thermal pools. #experiencesensoria.

We have been leading the sustainable eco tourism industry since 2013 and doing our best work so our visitors go back home with a satisfying experience. Our efforts have earned us Tripadvisor’s Certification of Excellence for 6 consecutive years. We also have achieved the CST level 4 certification of sustainability, among the highest ranked in Costa Rica.

We take pride in all these achievements, and we aim to share our beautiful piece of paradise to those around the world who can’t visit us (yet!). Sensoria is diversifying through the creation of sensorialife.com. We invite you to learn more:

Buenos Aires de Upala: Our Community

We have made an agreement with "The Buenos Aires de Aguas Claras de Upala Development Association" which states that 10% of the sales from Sensoria Life Courses will be designated to the association's development plans.

We invite you to learn more at our latest blog: