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    Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Forest Bathing

    • Introduction, What is Forest Bathing?

    • History of Shinrin-Yoku

    • Health Benefits

    • Get to Know your Land

    • Practical Recommendations

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    Chapter 2: Demonstration in Sensoria

    • Awakening your senses

    • What's in motion?

    • Tea to the forest

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    Chapter 3: Self Guided Session

    • Sensoria Sounds Session

    • Silent Session

    • Thank you!

    • Forest Bathing Course survey

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest bathing , also known as forest therapy or shinrin yoku, is a slow and relaxed stroll through a natural environment of around 3 hours and not more than ½ mile. The intention is to be present in the moment by slowing down and interacting with a natural environment through our senses. Shinrin-yoku isn’t about connecting only to forests, it is about connecting with the natural world.

forest therapy is more about being here than getting anywhere. It is not a naturalist walk where we will be identifying species along the trail; forest therapy is more about getting to know the forest through our senses and not through our thinking process.

Through this practice people awaken their senses and slow down to find a sensory and personal connection to nature.

In this life course

You will learn about

Sensoria and Manuela Siegfried joined forces to make Sensoria Life's first course! It is designed with the purpose to teach you everything you need to know about forest bathing and how to forest bathe. This course begins with the theory, followed by a demonstration on Sensoria's certified forest bathing trail, and ends with a unique practical exercise. This course fits perfect for anyone that feels stressed because it will give you the resources to relax in the most natural way.

Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing is a japanese practice discovered in the 80’s that started as a scientific investigation about the effects of nature on humans. They discovered a lot of benefits on human immersions in nature, and as a consequence this practice has become a therapeutic exercise. Today in Japan there are more than 60 certified trails and between 2 and 3 million people practice Shinrin Yoku on a regular basis.

Join now and let us introduce you to the world of forest bathing in a unique way. Immerse yourself into the jungles of Costa Rica with Sensoria Life Courses.
  • English spoken

    Closed captions in English Subtitulado en Español

  • Duration

    Takes about 2 hours to complete this course. If you are interested in learning more, we included great articles you might want to take a look at.

  • Self Paced

    This is a self paced course. We suggest you to find a quiet and comfortable place for chapter 3. Or even better in a natural environment.

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    All the video lessons are filmed in 4k. Take your course in HD!

Your Instructor:

Manuela Siegfried was born and raised in this beautiful, bio diverse country called Costa Rica. Having a biologist as a father, made contact with nature an intrinsic part of her life. This passion led her to work as a naturalist tourism guide for 3 years. She came across the concept of Shinrin-Yoku and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and immediately felt inspired and related to it. Manuela was trained and certified in 2018 and has been guiding very actively since then. She is passionate about helping people awaken their senses and slowing down in a natural setting so they can reconnect with themselves and the more than human world. Falling in love again with the natural world helps to rediscover our intimate, personal relationship with the forest and we become aware that we actually ARE nature. Manuela is also a mentor and trainer of guides with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and is absolutely committed and in love with her job.
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